Car Insurance Renewal Is Very Simple Process

With the advent of technology, car insurance renewal is just a click away. The mental stress of visiting the insurance office or following up with the insurance executive to get timely car insurance renewal has been taken care by the online vehicle renewal process.

Car Insurance Renewal process

The customer is the king today. You have the option of getting your car insurance renewed by your previous insurance company or if you are not satisfied with your existing provider, you can opt for the car insurance renewal by new insurance provider. If going for online vehicle renewal, just follow the below simple steps:

Fill in the basic information about yourself: Name, mobile number, email address, residential address and the city where vehicle is plied.
Fill in the vehicle information: Car make and model, cubic capacity, manufacturing year, registration type, type of fuel and policy expiry date.
Provide details about vehicle accessories: Helps in determining the cost of premium. The accessories increase the premium amount as the repair cost would be more if an accident is met.
Details regarding safety installation devices: You may get discount on your premium if you have installed safety devices as they mean less risk.
Co-passenger coverage: The premium would increase if co-passenger coverage is included.
Provide NCB details: If you have not made any claim in the last policy year then you would be eligible for no claim bonus discount. If you are changing you insurance provider and you have a letter from your previous insurance provider for NCB discount, you can show it to your new provider and seek benefit.

Sum Insured in online vehicle renewal

Whether you are renewing you policy or getting a new one, the maximum sum insured for self and co-passengers is limited upto Rs2 lacs. Getting cover for self and co-passengers is not mandatory but is advisable as in case of accident the amount would come handy.
The third-party insurance is mandatory as per the Motor Act of our country. This includes physical injury, death and property damage caused by the driver to the third party. There is no upper limit for third-party insurance. Many insurance providers provide the third part cover upto Rs 7 lacs.

Once you have filled the details online and paid the premium online, the policy is immediately issued and a soft copy is sent to your email address and within a weeks time the renwal document is dispatched to your postal address.